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Retreat for catholic students - STD 10

‘The answers you seek never come when the mind is busy, they come when the mind is still.’

The catholic boys of Std 10 were taken on a spiritual retreat by the school to Aashirwad, a famous retreat centre on St. Marks Road. The retreat was held on the 20th and 21st of June during school hours.

The resource person was Brother Vinod, part of the Aashirwad Retreat Centre. He spoke to the students about the importance of silence and meditation, and how God can help us in numerous ways. He used the energy and enthusiasm of the boys to sing hymns and made them participate in action songs.

Tea, snacks and lunch was provided to the students. The main topic of the retreat was how God can help the students through Jesus to make important decisions. The retreat gave the boys some peace of mind in the presence of God while they feel the inevitable pressure of their final year of schooling.
Shaun Kurian Paul
Std 10A