Ignatius of Loyola

The Society of Jesus, a Christian Religious order founded by
St. Ignatius of
Loyola in 1540 has been active in the field of education throughout the world... More+

CLC (Christian Life Community)

We Give; We Receive

The Christian Life Community began this academic year with an Outreach Programme held on 30th June 2018. We visited Snehadaan, Home for HIV infected

Jeevarathni Outreach


Thanks Giving Mass November 2016

Our Lady of Monserrat, better known as the Black Madonna, was venerated by the staff and students of SJBHS on the 24th of November, 2016.

Christmas celebrations - 2015

The Christian Life Community organized a Thanks giving party for the CLC boys on the 11th of Dec. Excitement and cheer filled the hall and carols raised the spirits of all gathered there. The Vice Principal, Mrs. Miriam Angelo, along with Fr. Sunil joined the boys in singing the carols.

Christian Life Community

The Jesuit vision of education goes far beyond the achievement of academic excellence. It includes a radical change of heart in the person of the educated and the educator himself, turning them from selfish concerns to unreserved generosity to God and their fellowmen. Read more

For the Christian, this would imply a personal commitment to Jesus Christ in whom he will find the source and inspiration of this generosity. Our education is therefore aimed at this inner liberation of spirit, which renders a person available for even greater service, makes him truly free, mature and capable of assuming whatever responsibility he is called to. Only such an education can create fully committed men and women who can face the challenges of our time.

The ideal which is set before every student is that of a Christian. The young students devote their whole life to give greater glory to God through dedicated service of humanity with special concern for the underprivileged. Towards this end great care is taken to impart a sound moral training to the students, to improve not merely their minds, but also their hearts to cultivate in them human manners, holiness of life and habits of regularity and cleanliness. In short, the education imparted to them is intended to prepare them for the duties of life as citizens of India.

Great value is attached to the Christian Life Community (CLC) and the Altar servers. Catholic students are recommended to join one of these associations, depending on their age level.

In order to equip students for public speaking, elocution classes are conducted as part of the regular schedule. Inter-class and Inter-House debates are held periodically. Students are trained for concerts. Singing classes are a part of the regular schedule. Hide

CLC Outreach Programme

Give love to those who need it most!
The CLC- Christian Life Community had the privilege of organizing an outreach programme on the 4th of July to Asha Niketan and Mt. St. Joseph.
The day started at 8:30 am in the school chapel. The students and teachers’ in-charge gathered for prayer to seek God’s blessings.

The Inauguration of the CLC 2014 - 2015

On Friday, the 14th of July, the CLC conducted its inauguration ceremony in the auditorium of St. Joseph's for the academic year 2014-15. Buoyed by the positive and rejuvenating spirit the many activities the last year had generated, there was a healthy and encouraging response to the call to join the CLC this year.

The CLC - the Christian Life Community- was begun to encourage the Catholic students of the middle and senior school to grow in a deeper knowledge and appreciation of their faith through various spiritual activities. Its objective is to equip our students to grow in a dependence on God in their lives and to seek to make him the source and summit of their lives and activities. The CLC also aims at educating them to be men for others, constantly equipping themselves through the acquisition of wisdom, to give of themselves generously and meaningfully. More+

Staff Retreat - CLC Activity

As a part of the ongoing effort to pursue excellence in the teaching fraternity, our school encourages teachers to periodically participate in teacher training seminars and workshops.

With this in mind our Principal Rev. Fr. Clifford Sequeira, SJ with the help of Rev. Fr. Sunil Fernandes, SJ organised a two day retreat for the Catholic members of the staff which was held on the 15th and 16th of February, 2014 in our very own school chapel where we felt at home in the presence of Jesus. More+

Visit to Asha Niketan, Home for the Differently-abled People

On the 20th of November the students of the CLC accompanied by Father Sunil, Mr. Brian M'ckertish and another teacher undertook an outreach programme to Asha Niketan, a home for specially abled people who require special care and service. The home has 45 members in its community with and without disabilities. The children were enthusiastic with their enquiries and discovery of the home and the work which was undertaken to protect and improve the lives of the inmates. They listened to a detailed briefing by one of the community leaders who has generously devoted his life for over 20 years to faithfully care for the patients. All the people being cared for impressed us by their patience, cheerfulness and positive attitude to work. Our students toured the various work stations of the home, learning how the inmates occupied themselves with creative, artistic, productive work ,like candle making, rug weaving, card making, bamboo work, tie and dye, paper mache etceta. Most of all they cheered their own hearts spreading warmth and kindness.

Later we drove to Mt St Joseph’s, Banerghatta, where the children undertook to get in touch with their more adventurous selves, preferring to remain off the ground, climbing rocks, trees and even the basket- ball courts pillars. After a game of football in the sun they sat down to a satisfying lunch, thanks to the generous hospitality of the priests who care for the place. We returned to school by 3.30 tired but fulfilled after a wonderful day!