Ignatius of Loyola

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St. Ignatius of
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We Give; We Receive
The Christian Life Community began this academic year with an Outreach Programme held on 30th June 2018. We visited Snehadaan, Home for HIV infected children at Sarjapur Road. We were 30 students alongwith 9 staff members and so we got a chance to interact with the kids and spend quality time with them.

This is a for HIV infected kids who are deprived of their parent's love and affection. The students and staff members entertained the kids by conducting games, singing and dancing. As a part of the outreach program, SJBHS presented each and every child with gifts and snacks and shared a meal with them.

It was an enriching experience for all of us as we gained from spreading happiness and positivity. We learnt a lot from the kids there and understood the difficulties of their lives. Overall, it was a great experience and an opportunity to make a difference and learn about giving.

Deeksha KS
Std 12 B