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Conserve my Planet

‘Conserve my planet’ is an initiative of Schneider Electric India Foundation in collaboration with SHARP NGO for the SJBHS students of Stds V to VII. A hundred ‘Green Ambassadors’ were selected to represent the Josephite contribution to conserving the planet.

This program aims to educate the young minds about energy conservation, energy efficiency, green energy and resources that can be recycled. The school management accepted the initiative to instill the values of commitment and responsibility in the students — a must for Gen Next as a tribute towards the planet and society, as we stand on the threshold of energy crisis and global warming.

The Green Ambassadors will henceforth monitor the electricity consumption in the school campus and their homes. They will set an example to all the other students of the school .The results of the initiative will be statistically tracked on a regular basis.

The special assembly held on the 26th of August, 2016 was a formal inauguration of this ‘Conserve my planet’ initiative. The chief guests for the occasion were Mr. Venkat Potluri and Mr. Prashanth Shetty who enlightened the students on the need of the hour. A pledge was administered to the same effect which put the onus on the young Josephites to strengthen their pact with Mother Earth.