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World Environment Day

This World Environment Day, rather than being a celebratory occasion, was a day for retrospection and contemplation. We, the students of St. Joseph's Boys’ High School, learned about the beneficial effects of increasing the earth’s green cover, how to increase awareness on global warming and greenhouse gases and the final consensus about anti-poaching laws. What we also got was the ugly statistics which reflect the grim after effects of plastic pollution on Earth.
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At SJBHS, we celebrated this special day with a special assembly. Mr. Apoorva, a naturalist and professional beekeeper, was the distinguished invitee at the program. He shared his experiences and knowledge. Our Principal, Rev. Fr. Clifford Sequeira, presented him with an Aloe Vera plant symbolizing the need to heal the world environment.

To raise awareness amongst us, colourful posters highlighting simple and creative ways to reduce plastic in our daily life were put up. Healthy and robust air purifying plants were available for sale in the campus at a nominal price and were picked up by both staff and students. These are merely the seeds for a greener and cleaner environment - the seed of information. Will and commitment will need to follow.

Vibha M. Chopda
12 B