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Annual Health Check-up - An initiative by PTA

An annual health check-up was conducted in the school premises between 3rd to 8th of February 2014. All students from LKG to std 9 and std 11 underwent this programme. The health check-up was conducted by the specialist doctors from St. John's Hospital headed by Dr. Avita with the help of nurses from Navaneetam college of nursing headed by Mr. Sampath. The children underwent height, weight, chest circumference, refractory error and other physical examinations along with specialists consultation. Read more

The most common problems detected were as below-
1) Nutritional disorders like overweight and underweight.
2) Dental caries.
3) Respiratory infections.
4) Ears plugged with wax.
5) Refractory errors in younger children.
6) A few hyperactive children were also diagnosed.

A referral letter was also sent with the child for parents reference. A few parents came on later days and consulted the doctors and took the required treatment also.

The overall response was very satisfactory. Our aim is to keep our children healthy in school. Such health check-up's will be conducted every year in the school and remarks will be updated into the students data and maintained safely.

We the PTA members are thankful to Father Principal, the doctors, the nurses and the school staff for their encouragement and support. A special thanks to Mr.Sampath for his kind help.

Plan for next academic year-
• A talk on Nutrition in school going children for parents.
• Dental check-up by Dentists.
• Staff health check-up.