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Staff Retreat

As a part of the ongoing effort to pursue excellence in the teaching fraternity, our school encourages teachers to periodically participate in teacher training seminars and workshops. Read more

With this in mind our Principal Rev. Fr. Clifford Sequeira, SJ with the help of Rev. Fr. Sunil Fernandes, SJ organised a two day retreat for the Catholic members of the staff which was held on the 15th and 16th of February, 2014 in our very own school chapel where we felt at home in the presence of Jesus. Making a religious retreat gives us the option to get hold of our lives and turn them around. Unfortunately left to ourselves, this does not happen very often as we are always busy and lost in the unending list of tasks we have on hand. The many challenges of the present times affect us and we are often caught up with negative feelings of fear, anger and confusion. A retreat provides us the opportunity to see and hear God through the medium of another person.

We were indeed fortunate to have Rev. Fr. Augustine Vallooran V.C., Director of the Divine Retreat Centre at Potta in Kerala preach the retreat to us. He was assisted by his vibrant and enthusiastic team comprising of Glen and his wife Teresa along with Maria and an able team of counsellors. This Centre is the largest Catholic Centre in the world which holds spiritual retreats.

The retreat comprised of inspiring talks by Fr. Augustine and his team members. The talks covered topics like the role of the Holy Spirit in our lives, having faith and trust in God, forgiveness, healing our relationships and the need to improve our knowledge of the scriptures. We were also advised on how to cope with our relationships at home, at our workplace and with the world at large.

We felt a sense of peace while the preacher proclaimed the good news of the gospel. The two day retreat was an interactive session kept alive by Glen and Teresa known as the ‘Divine singing couple’. Their enlightening talks and amazing rendition of unfamiliar but melodious and meaningful hymns had us all clapping and actively participating in the sessions over the two days. To add to this, their humorous anecdotes spiced up the sessions and kept us awake especially through the afternoon sessions.

The Holy Eucharist was celebrated by Fr. Augustine on both the days and we were enriched by his powerful spiritual and enlightening homilies.

Councillors were on the premises for those who needed counselling or just someone to talk over their problems to.

The end of the two day retreat saw everyone who attended it come out rejuvenated. The staff would like to express its appreciation and gratitude to Fr. Principal and Fr. Sunil for giving us the opportunity of making our retreat in the comfort of our school premises and for the constant help and support they give us in all we do.

Retreat for Non Catholic Teachers

About thirty two teachers gathered in the AV Hall on the third floor on 15th February 2014 for a day’s session which aimed at personality building. They were greeted by Mr Sunil Mahajan , who was the animator for the day. The first session began with an activity which got everyone on their feet. It was aimed at team building and there was much competition , running and laughter as everyone competed to finish the task at hand. Mr Mahajan , very skillfully led the participants through various exercises which helped them to know their personality types and work at their strengths and weaknesses.

The second session started with an activity which ensured that no one was sleepy after lunch. A moving video about a disabled man , reflection and sharing views marked the second session. The teachers found the Speaker very approachable , practical and empathetic. All in all a very useful day well spent.