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The Inauguration of the CLC for the academic year 2014 - 2015

On Friday, the 14th of July, the CLC conducted its inauguration ceremony in the auditorium of St. Joseph's for the academic year 2014-15. Buoyed by the positive and rejuvenating spirit the many activities the last year had generated, there was a healthy and encouraging response to the call to join the CLC this year. Read more

The CLC - the Christian Life Community- was begun to encourage the Catholic students of the middle and senior school to grow in a deeper knowledge and appreciation of their faith through various spiritual activities. Its objective is to equip our students to grow in a dependence on God in their lives and to seek to make him the source and summit of their lives and activities. The CLC also aims at educating them to be men for others, constantly equipping themselves through the acquisition of wisdom, to give of themselves generously and meaningfully.

Father Principal and Father Sunil made it a point to be present and encourage the students with their presence and words of wisdom. Fr. Clifford Sequeira, SJ exhorted them to grow through the CLC in an understanding of the life and mission of St. Ignatius and to try to emulate his virtues through their studies and conduct. He reminded them about the 'magis' Ignatius sought to live, namely becoming 'better' at everything they did. He encouraged the students to sacrifice their lunch breaks and go to daily mass as a strong means of growing in prayer and receiving the necessary graces to grow powerfully in their faith and work. Father also encouraged them to participate wholeheartedly in all the activities the CLC conducted.

Mr. Brian Mckertish read a passage from St John's gospel which reminded us all to be constantly attached to the Vine if we wished to be spiritually alive and healthy. He brought along some freshly cut twigs and elucidated his message of the utter necessity to take meaningful steps to stay rooted in Jesus, if we are to live fully and in a healthy spiritual manner. He concluded his message by instilling in the listeners' hearts the words, 'We are made of love, by love, for love, to love, and to be loved.'

Our students read some meaningful intercessory prayers and Father Sunil concluded with a brief, yet strong message, that the CLC should make us all people who are ready and generous to go out of ourselves to serve others. We ended with a hymn to Our Lady. Hide