Ignatius of Loyola

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St. Ignatius of
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Farewell Assembly

It was another nostalgic journey as the students of Stds X and XII took a final bow on centrestage in front of their juniors and their mentors.

The special assembly commenced with the school flag being unfurled, the school song sung with fervor and a prayer and prayer song.

Our Principal, Rev. Fr. Clifford Sequeira SJ said that the comprehensive education that they had received should make them compassionate especially to the less fortunate, tolerant to all as they live and let live and to be service-oriented men and women for others so that they emerge as worthwhile human beings in society.

A number of students of Std. X and XII shared their memories of their journey through school. The speeches encompassed moments of fear, moments of laughter, moments of joy and moments of comradeship all capsuled to be carried away from the safe haven of SJBHS into the unknown.