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Funday - July

The 21st of June 2016 marked the first fun day for the academic year 2016-17, and dental health was the theme. The staff had invited experienced dentists to visit the school and educate the little ones of SJBHS on dental hygiene and its importance.

A team of dentists from Dr. Ambedkar Dental College headed by Dr. Varun Shetty visited the school and spoke to the children.

The session was very interactive, interesting and also informative.

The children were thrilled at the sight of models of dental interest and the video clip which was played after their visit.

The dentists were overwhelmed with the hospitality and warmth shown by the staff.

The day ended with worksheets on dental health being handed out to the students. While colouring the worksheets the young Josephites learnt the importance of dental and health early in one’s life.