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Harmony Week

Making Us Think
In keeping with the secular nature of our nation and school, we regularly celebrate inter religious prayer meetings. Last year it was decided to observe one week as Inter Religious Harmony Week. It was a grand success and so Harmony Week went into a second edition this year from 19 th - 24 th November.
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Class wise competitions like poster making, creating book marks, collage making and designing of certificates were some of the competitions held during the week. The school wore a festive look as several posters based on this theme decorated the walls and pillars. Two class assemblies based on environmental and religious harmony were conducted and were well appreciated. The highlight of the week was a panel discussion held on the topic. Old Boys: Mr Samir Stewart (1989), Mr Suraj Chhabria (1989), Mr Arjun Nambisan (1989), Mr Jayant Gopal (1990), Mr Kieran Narayan ( 1990) and Mr Nasir Masood (1996) and journalist / teacher Mrs Priti Ashoka, formed the panel.

Samir and Priti moderated the discussion which was watched by the high school and ISC. The panelists spoke about the strong secular values they imbibed while in school and spoke from personal experience as to how these held them in good stead when they faced difficulties after their school days. It was very well appreciated by the boys and the staff members. The students posed several questions to the panel thus making it interactive.

The school is grateful to the panelists for their loyalty to school which was demonstrated by the time and effort they invested in this program. We are sure that Harmony Week will grow from strength to strength in the years to come. Hide