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Fr Eric vaz and centenary shiled interschool hockey tournament

Junior Josephites bring home the prize
The Fr. Eric Vaz Memorial (U-14) & Centenary Shield (U-17) Inter-School Hockey tournaments, were conducted from 3rd July, 2017 to 12th July, 2017. A total of six schools participated in the Junior and six in the senior category. Read more

All the matches were played in the Hockey Stadium, Rhenius Street, Richmond Town, Bengaluru. Officiating was done by the umpires from Karnataka State Hockey Association.

In the Fr Eric Vaz Memorial, the Juniors, St. Joseph’s played Vidya Shilp Academy and in the Centenary Shield for seniors, Baldwin Boys’ played Vidya Shilp Academy. It was encouraging to see Old Boys and parents supporting the teams.

Mr. Krishnamurthy, Honorary Secretary, Karnataka State Hockey Association was the Chief Guest for the Finals.

In the Junior category, St. Joseph’s Boys High School beat Vidya Shilp Academy 5-2. It was a fiercely fought match with a lot of excitement as well as tension on both sides, nonetheless with Joseph’s holding their cool emerged champions for the year 2017.

In the senior category, Vidya Shilp beat Baldwin Boys 2-0.

Special Prizes:
U-14: Fr Eric Vaz Memorial
Best Forward- Sheroi Billmoria ( Vidya Shilp )
Best Half- Dhyaan Santhosh ( SJBHS)
Best Defender- Varun Muthappa (SJBHS)
Best Goalkeeper- Surya Kumar ( Baldwin Boys’ High School )

U-17: Centenary Shield Best Forward- Devanshu P.D ( Vidya Shilp )
Best Half- Yashin ( Baldwin Boys’ High School )
Best Defender- Methajit S ( SJBHS )
Best Goalkeeper- Pranav V ( FAPS)