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Inauguration - SJBHS Hockey turf

Inauguration of the SJBHS Hockey turf on 10th January, 2018
Hockey is the lifeblood of sports in SJBHS, historical rivalries and matches are part of school history. Having a practice turf for Hockey has been on the agenda of the school management for a long while. On the 10th of January 2018 the turf in the campus became the latest addition after the sports complex to encourage and augment games facilities in the school.
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The Hockey turf in front of the Arrupe Concert Hall was inaugurated by our Principal Rev. Fr. Clifford Sequeira SJ, the Vice Principal Mrs. Miriam Angelo and the Administrator of the Primary Section, Rev Fr. Robert Rodrigues SJ. Also present were the staff from the Physical Education Department and the Coordinators.

The Sports Secretary, Mr. Santhosh Adams thanked the management for all the sports facilities provided and also thanked the former Sports Secretary, Mr. Shivaprakash for having set such high standards in the game of Hockey.

The alumni of SJBHS, who are among the Hockey greats of India, will definitely be pleased to know about this. Hide