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Orientation for STD 11 - 2017 - 2018

Youth Power!
On 9th June 2017, the new students of ISC Std11 were initiated into the school with a welcoming talk and a view of the facilities.
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The day began with a brief introduction by the ISC Coordinator, Mr. Robin Colaco, who highlighted the purpose of the orientation. This was followed by Mrs Hemavathy, also ISC Coordinator, introducing Mrs. Jaicy George, Speaker for the day.

Mrs. Jaicy brought out the need ‘to be a masterpiece’ – without being a duplicate or a photocopy. She stressed on the need to have a firm foundation (like to a tall tower) in life which knowledge, skills and the right attitude can provide. She reiterated that a ‘Super Student’ would be an outcome, only if we dare to be ourselves, with a firm foundation.

The students were then given a talk on Ignatian Pedagogy in our Jesuit school. The speaker was Mrs. Gowri Mirlay Achanta, who has been with the school for 25 years and is a well regarded authority on the subject.

The day ended with the ISC Teachers getting the fresh batch of students accustomed to the classrooms and facilities available at SJBHS.