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To Parents and Guardians

Parents and guardians are expected to cooperate with the school authorities by enforcing discipline and regularity at home with their child (ren). In order that lessons may be duly prepared and completed, students should devote sufficient time for private study. On holidays more time should be devoted to study at home. If parents do not insist on regular attendance and home study, the results are sure to be disappointing to them.

Parents and guardians are recommended to contact the Class Teacher at least once each term to ascertain with the school authorities that the conduct and progress of the student has been satisfactory, at a minimum. This may be done between 12:45 p.m. to 2:05 p.m. Parents are also required to contact the teachers during class wise PTA meetings indicated in the calendar to ascertain the progress and conduct of the students, and in case of need, make special appointments at other times.

Parents and guardians (or other persons) are not allowed to enter any of the class rooms during the class hours without the Principal's or Vice-Principal's permission.

Parents must see the Progress Records of their children and help them rectify their defects as regards study and conduct.

Private tuitions are strictly discouraged because of their adverse effects but if absolutely necessary they should be arranged only through the Principal.

Parents, staff and students are strictly prohibited from speaking to the media with regard to any school affairs.

Parents and guardians are 'ipso facto', members of the Parent- Teacher Association of the school which aims at fostering closer relationship, mutual understanding and cooperation between home and school. They are strongly urged to attend Parent-Teacher meetings, Sports Day, School Day and other functions in the school.

The home work diary / calendar must be signed by Parents / Guardians every day.

Tests and exams are compulsory. If due to illness one cannot attend, it must be reported to the Principal immediately and a medical certificate furnished.