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Primary School Prize Day - 2016

‘Excellence is the gradual result of always striving to do better’

Above are the words that were emblazoned in the backdrop for the Annual Primary Speech & Prize Day. It was the day that SJBHS salutes academic achievements of the primary section.
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The Chief Guest for the occasion, Mrs. Priti Ashoka, was escorted to the auditorium by Rector, Rev Fr Anthony Joseph SJ, Principal, Rev Fr Clifford Sequeira, SJ, Primary School Administrator, Rev Fr Robert Rodrigues SJ, Vice Principal, Mrs. Miriam Angelo, Vice President of the PTA, Mr. Bernaad Chetty and the coordinators of the primary school, Mrs Virginia and Mrs Anita.

As with every Josephite event, the programme began with an Invocation song ‘In Your Hands’. This song was rendered in harmony, quite an achievement for such tiny tots! This was followed by an action song and a dance cum skit depicting the ill effects of deforestation.

The Chief Guest, who is an Editor & Teacher, took this opportunity to advice parents that they must insist on honesty in work, and they must not shield their children from failure as there is a lot of learning in shortfalls and disappointments as well. Being a former teacher of SJBHS, Mrs. Ashoka cautioned the parents that the teachers of the primary school laid the foundation to the child’s character, mental makeup as well as their attitude to life. So parents must work hard with the teachers, not against them!

Rector Fr Anthony Joseph thanked the teachers of SJBHS for their commitment, congratulated the students on their achievements and encouraged the parents to be equal partners in the integral growth of their children.

The young Josephites were the stars of the evening as they walked up to the stage to collect their medals and certificates. Hide