Ignatius of Loyola

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St. Ignatius of
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Provincial's Message

Recently I received a SMS message. It read like this: when your cup overflows do not start drinking from saucer. Share with others, whether it is wealth, knowledge or more importantly happiness. It is with this vision of sharing life with others that St Joseph’s Boys High School (SJBHS) was started with a motto: fide et labore or faith and toil, in 1858 by MEP fathers and since 1937 it has been managed by Jesuit fathers.

SJBHS, a hundred and fifty five years old institution, has always been one of the prestigious schools in the city of Bangalore. It is not surely the age that has won laurels for the school. It is the devoted management, dedicated staff and determined students who have made all the difference.

Our students have been really marvelous. Theyhave been the advertisements or brand ambassadors of the school. Think of a field they are there as leaders. They are people driven byambition beyond them. They have been people with passion for a cause. Their great competence, impeccable integrity, deep compassion and utter dedication have helped them truly to hold aloft the school flag with the school motto: Fide et Labore orFaith and Toil!

A warm welcome to you to SJBHS world. Believe me you will be introduced to a great legacy and heritage of Fide et Labore or Faith and Toil!

Rev. Fr. J. Stanislaus D’Souza, S. J.