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Kannada Rajyotsava

The erstwhile Mysore state was reborn as the state of Karnataka on 1 st of November, 1973 and we celebrated this day in our school on 2 nd of November.
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The grounds were decked in the Karnataka red and golden flags while Kannada folk songs resounded through the portals of the school before the commencement of the very special assembly.

The staff and students of SJBHS glorified their state through songs, dances, speeches and poems, remembering poets, saints, kings and soldiers for the mark that they left. The state anthem was sung and Mr. Uday Kumar, the Vice Principal, urged the non-Kannadigas to learn a few nuances of the language of Kannada while he urged the Kannadigas to live up to the pride and glory of their motherland whose boundaries extended from the Cauvery to the Godavari! Hide