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Resource Room

PRAGATI (Resource Room)

Learning is the discovery that something is possible….!

SJBHS Resource Room, appropriately named PRAGATI - meaning ‘Progress’ - is an initiative to help and support children having Specific Learning Difficulties from classes UKG to V. These children are referred by the class teachers or parents when they identify a gap or a decline in the performance level of the child. Such children are individually assessed by the Special Educators at Resource Room, who are well qualified and trained in the field of Psychology and Special Education.

The teaching incorporated within the Resource Room involves specific instructional methodology, learning-teaching aids and equipment to meet the educational needs of the child. The children attend the sessions thrice a week.

Parents are sensitized about their child and their consent is obtained before enrolling the child to the Resource Room for the academic year.
Regular parental meetings are conducted and suitable measures have been provided to ensure mutual support to the child.
They are also encouraged to contact the Special Educators to discuss concerns, if any.
The Assessment Report of each child helps the Special Educators to design and develop Individualized Education Plan (IEP’s) to remediate and enhance the child’s learning process progressively in the following areas of difficulties-
• Visual Perceptual Skills (Reading, Written Expression, Handwriting, Spacing of Letters and Math)
• Auditory Perceptual Skills (Phonological Awareness, Discrimination of Phonemes, Sequencing)
• Visual and Auditory Processing (Language Skills)
• Visuo-Motor Coordination (Far and Near Point Copying)
• Cognitive skills (Attention, Concentration, Memory, Thinking and Reasoning)
• Study Skills
• General Behaviour (Social Skills)

The Special Educators guide the classroom teachers and help them with methods and techniques, to effectively monitor the learning curve of the child in the classroom settings.
An innovative, friendly, fun-loving, and encouraging environment is provided to the child in order to bridge the gap between his current performing levels and that of his grade.
At the end of the academic year, a detailed report of the child is reviewed to determine the progress levels and to provide appropriate suggestions.
The Resource Room may also seek support from an external source, for a child’s problem, depending on various complexity levels.
Confidentiality of the documents and other related information is strictly maintained by the Special Educators of the Resource Room.