Ignatius of Loyola

The Society of Jesus, a Christian Religious order founded by
St. Ignatius of
Loyola in 1540 has been active in the field of education throughout the world... More+

Scouts and NCC

Scout Troop:
The Scout Troops consists of boys from Std. 5 to Std.10 Under the able guidance of
Mr. Joseph Xavier, who has been the Scout Master for 23 years; the scouts have performed exceptionally well. Some of their major activities are: Participating of scouts in the District Level Training Camp, Participating of scouts in the Rashtrapathi Training Camp etc. The scout troop participates in Nature Camp: specialized in rock climbing, trekking and hiking. Many boys have successfully obtained the President's Award (Rashtrapathi Award). 3 scouts took part in The International Jamboree held in London in July 2007.

National Cadet corps (NCC):
St. Joseph's Boys' High School has the credit of having an excellent NCC troop under the stewardship of Mr. J.X. Deepak. The NCC troop has regular parade practice on Mondays and Wednesdays. They are also adept and well trained in the fields of rifle shooting, map reading and community service. Their activities include: Cadets attending various camps, like CACT camp, National Trekking Camp etc