Secretary General’s Address

Greetings to the brilliant EB, delegates, faculty of SJBHS and everyone alike.
I am Aditya Muralishankar and I’m an alumnus of this prestigious institution, and am the Secretary General for this year’s SJBHSMUN. Our executive board showcases our take on a positive direction to ensure that the resurgence of the Bangalore circuit takes place in the best way possible. I’m sure that all of you will be adequately researched and handle the tasks thrown your way in the most diplomatic way possible because arrogance has no place in this MUN or in the Bangalore circuit. Happy researching and all the very best to all the participants, I hope that you can take SJBHSMUN to the pinnacle point of debate given the rich history of fine debate that this MUN has seen in all its years.

Aditya Muralishankar
Secretary General


Thank you for a wonderful conference
The Power is and always will be yours"

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