Secretary General

Greetings to the brilliant EB, delegates, faculty of SJBHS and everyone alike.

I am Aditya Muralishankar and I’m an alumnus of this prestigious institution, and am the Secretary General for this year’s SJBHSMUN. Our executive board showcases our take on a positive direction to ensure that the resurgence of the Bangalore circuit...
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Welcome To SJBHS
MUN (Model United Nations)

St. Joseph’s Boys’ High School Model United Nations serves as a platform for students to explore the tumultuous scenarios of delegates at International forums. SJBHSMUN strives to expose students to the vagaries of international politics and the thought process behind every single decision and resolution, and this year is no different.
In the fifth edition of SJBHSMUN, we are exploring new fields in the MUN circuit, trying to show students how and why delegates acted as they did in the past, with our historic committees and also show them how politics is not limited to political forums through the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Committee. Whilst keeping our goal of showing students what it is to be an international delegate, we strive to teach them lessons in diplomacy and tact.

Principal’s Address
St. Joseph’s Boys’ High School, in keeping with the Jesuit precept of holistic education, has always nurtured both co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. SJBHSMUN, a simulation of actual UN committees, is one such event that encourages and enables students to take up and discuss real and pressing issues in a realistic environment, with the ultimate aim of fostering harmony and peace between countries and people.
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