Principal’s Address

St. Joseph’s Boys’ High School, in keeping with the Jesuit precept of holistic education, has always nurtured both co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. SJBHSMUN, a simulation of actual UN committees, is one such event that encourages and enables students to take up and discuss real and pressing issues in a realistic environment, with the ultimate aim of fostering harmony and peace between countries and people.

In today’s world it is important that students develop a clear understanding and become sensitive to the complex political and cultural issues prevalent in world around them. As future citizens of the world, they must learn to use tact and diplomacy to intervene and make a change.
As delegates in a MUN, our students are encouraged to exercise their freedom of thought and speech using skill and sensitivity in dealing with others on with different issues. They quickly learn to discuss, negotiate and debate on issues of global concern in a spirit of cooperation and consideration.
SJBHSMUN thus nurtures our youth to be better, more responsible and proactive citizens of a tomorrow that will shape our destiny.

Rev. Fr.Clifford Sequeira, SJ


Thank you for a wonderful conference
The Power is and always will be yours"

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