Ignatius of Loyola

The Society of Jesus, a Christian Religious order founded by
St. Ignatius of
Loyola in 1540 has been active in the field of education throughout the world... More+


It is not only his aptitude but attitude that determines the growth of every Josephite.

The path of reaching one’s goal and excelling at everything a Josephite aims at achieving in the field of sports has been the hallmark of every Josephite who has trained and played for the greater glory of God. It helps him to seek and find his inner strengths.

The Sports field has been for many a Josephite his greatest teacher, motivator and confidence builder. It has inspired thousands of Josephite who have spent hours of hard work with determination, dedication and discipline to bring honour and glory to their Alma-mater. Sports and academics are the two faces of a coin which every Josephite tries to excel in.

A Josephite is known for his humility and sense of gratitude that springs from the games field encouraged and supported by every Principal who has been in charge of the school over the years. Sports has changed and shaped many an ordinary and unknown Josephite into a man of international recognition and fame. I am positive and confident that many more ordinary Josephites will use the platform of sports and games to fulfill their dreams and challenge their strengths.

Basketball Selections - 2017
The ISC basketball team participated with zeal and enthusiasm in the tournaments MAIS, TISB and EZZY CUP, sponsored by Clarence High School.
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Inter-School Cottonian Cricket Tournament 2017
The Cottonian Shield hosted by Bishop Cotton Boys’ School has always been one of the most prestigious inter school cricket tournaments. Read More

Fr Eric vaz and centenary shiled interschool hockey tournament
Inter-School Hockey tournaments, were conducted from 3rd July, 2017 to 12th July, 2017. A total of six schools participated in the Junior and six in the senior category. Read More

Sports News letter- 2016

Winners U-16 KSCA tournament 2015

Winners of Centenary Shield : Hockey tournament 2015

Shining Josephites rise to the pinnacle

St. Joseph's Boys' High School beat Whitefield Global School by 4 - 0
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Runners at the top
The ISC relay team consisting of Vinit Miranda, Ajith S., Jason D’Silva and Adithya C. participated in several interschool events throughout the year and made the school proud on several occasions.
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The ISC basketball team participated with zeal and enthusiasm in the tournaments MAIS, TISB and EZZY CUP, sponsored by Clarence High School.
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Football Academy- The Southern Blues Foundation
The Football Academy launched this academic year (2014-2015) by the school is doing extremely well and its members have played several Interschool tournaments.
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The first tournament of the session was the Centenary Shield. This tournament was played only by the ICSE schools. The team reached the finals but was defeated by the St. John’s Boys High School team.
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Cricket Academy
SJBHS week end Cricket Academy was started in the year 2003-2004. The practices are held at the M.G. Road cricket grounds. Every year about 125 students...
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Senior School Sports Day
6th of September saw the Blue & White school flag being unfurled during the 156th Annual Athletic Meet. The day began with the entire school in a buzz of excitement ...
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