Ignatius of Loyola

The Society of Jesus, a Christian Religious order founded by
St. Ignatius of
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Sports Club

A Sound mind in a sound body. This is what the Sports club firmly believes in. Keeping yourself fit not only keeps you healthy but also fine tunes your mind and brain in terms of commitment, concentration, dedication, hard work and a spirit of sportsmanship which helps you not only to excel in sports but also in academics.

The Sports Club focuses on these aspects. Physical fitness components like speed, agility, co-ordination, flexibility and endurance in boys are worked out through various activities like endurance runs, sprints, relays including warming up and cooling down...

This is followed by recreational games which includes handball, rugby, football, volleyball which not only keeps the boys in high spirits when they are playing, but helps them learn skills of these games and values such as team spirit, appreciating opponents, accepting victory and defeat in the right spirit.

Mr. Santosh Adam
Teacher in charge