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Transcendence - 2017

Held on the 16th and 17th of November, Transcendence 2017, our popular interschool festival with 13 events saw good participation from 10 ICSE schools and their students of stds 9 to 12. The intra-school fest held a week prior to the main event, had Josephites from stds 5 to 12 battle it out with their innovative models and try to surpass each other in powerpoint presentations, collage and poster making while unfolding the ‘layers’ of the Rubik’s cube! Read more

The opening ceremony was graced by Dr. Nandakumar, Old Boy and eminent chemist. He advised the students that there was no formula for success sans hard work and determination. Fr. Clifford Sequeira SJ, Principal of SJBHS, while declaring the fest open, asked the students to develop in themselves a scientific temper as there are no pre-conceived theories in a scientific environment. The objective of the fest was to showcase innovation so as to be useful to the society at large.

‘Futuristic Exigency’ called for the teams to manage a future crisis while ‘Potpourri’ combined Dumb Charades and Pictionary in a battle with scientific terminology. The brains of the participants were picked to the maximum with ‘Code It’, Disputandum’, ‘Minute to win’ , ‘Design Vault’ and ‘Brain Storm’ while the brain and brawn were challenged as the participants hunted for treasure in ‘Quest Run’, got the correct angle in ‘Focus’ and made the perfect presentation in ‘Cinematize’. The ‘Confictura’ venue was abuzz with innovation as the science models showcased the latest in alarms, aeronautics and robotics! Algorithms were generously used in ‘Rubicon’ and the ‘Error Sleuths’ detected scientific blemishes in movie clips without making any errors!

Transcendence 2017 closed on a high note for the young scientists who won awards as well as the Transcendence team that had spent months weaving the events together. Hide